Prior to the internet the Investing world was a very mixed association of professional and far less professional individuals and companies. However, most of these companies traditionally had “offices”, a physical place of representation, this made people feel secure and added an element of trust.

It’s no different today, the bag is still mixed and diligence is advised, everything today can be bought and sold on the internet and that includes CFDs.

Everything is more accessible by more people, both scrupulous and unscrupulous. The major difference being, the offices may not be in your country of residence, which is not unusual or a problem “generally”.

You should have already seen our information “choosing a broker or market maker” if you haven’t you are strongly advised to do so.

Nobody can be 100% safe however, do your homework and research the company you intend to do business with. All of the Brokers listed here at “Forex Financial Markets” have all been checked and are “licensed and regulated”. So we have done the hard work for you.

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