Percentage in Point (PIPs)

PIPs are what makes or loses money, as the price moves up and down PIPs are gained or lost.

A PIP is the last digit in a currency price (to 4 decimals) Or with the Japanese Yen 2 decimals.

In a 5 decimal place platform, the 5 digit is 1/10th of a PIP.


1.3957 = 7 is the last PIP

102.23 = 3 is the last PIP

For MT5 Users

1.395727 is the last PIP, 2 is 2/10ths of a PIP.


Expressed as a decimal 1 PIP is 0.0001

In the case of the Yen 1 PIP is 0.01

In the case of the 5 digit price

1 PIP is 0.00010