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Investments can involve high risk and is not suited to everyone however, it also can produce very high rates of return in a very short time period.

The markets are “Human Nature” there is NO machine that can 100% predict Human Nature. There is NO magic software that will trade for you and make you rich, if it did exist, why would someone market and sell it? I wouldn’t and neither would you. However some, software and people, can be used to ASSIST your investments.

There is NO magic Guru that will make you rich overnight, what is correct for one investor is completely wrong for the next. Be VERY wary about handing over your hard earned cash to someone that promises you high % returns to invest on your behalf.

Nothing is FREE, don’t believe you will get something for nothing, there is always a catch.As in LIFE, If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Forums can be informative however, they are also full of false information put there by the employees of the companies that are trying to catch you as a client. They are also full of people looking to blame “everybody” else for their losses, because it couldn’t possibly have been their fault. Take forums with a pinch of salt.

Never invest anymore than you are prepared to lose, if you only have $200, take your wife or girlfriend out for dinner. You will not make a $millions from $200.

Bonuses are there to make you deposit, there are always “conditions” attached, if you are chasing bonuses, go to a gaming site and play there. If you are offered a 100% bonus from an unregulated/licensed company and nothing from a regulated/licensed company, choose the licensed company.

If you don’t want to be contacted by a company representative, don’t enter your personal details into a website. If you do enter your details, expect to be called and emailed. If you are called, it’s because you entered your details into the website. It’s very simple.

Do not provide false information or forged documents to a Broker, you will be caught and you will not be able to withdraw your funds. It is very important to understand that you will not be able to withdraw funds until documents have been provided and verified. This is one of the rules of regulated companies.

check-brokers-statsDon’t lie to the sales/account manager/company representatives, they have heard ALL your excuses before. See below

I didn’t register- Ummmm so I have your name, email, phone number and address but you didn’t register!

It was a mistake- oh yes sir, it happens all the time, you tripped and accidentally typed in all your details!

I can’t talk now I’m driving, it’s dangerous- yes sir, so exactly why did you answer the phone!

Silence – doesn’t work, you will be called and emailed repeatedly.

Language barrier- you entered your details in “English” please don’t pretend you don’t understand, most companies are multilingual anyway!

Don’t hide behind your wife, children, brother, sister and ask them to answer the phone. Just be straight with the sales person and tell them “YOUR NOT INTERESTED”. Don’t waste the sales peoples time and they won’t waste yours.

Don’t request a call back if you don’t want one, the account manager WILL call you as requested.

The sales person on the end of the phone probably has a “limited knowledge” unless you are lucky, don’t try to be smart, they can always find someone more knowledgeable than you. If you do decide to deposit, as you grow as an investor, you should get access to more knowledgeable people within the company to assist you with your trading.